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Just go, Approved RV has a large range of ex-fleet/used Roller Team motorhomes for sale, including trusted models popular with families and couples alike. With our knowledgeable team of staff, we are here to help you find the perfect motorhome for you at surprisingly good value. All of our used motorhomes are less than 2 years old when we come to sell them.

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Using extensive social media marketing, Web Windows increased online traffic, raised awareness and increased footfall.

About Leisure Plan

Leisure Plan is an outdoor furniture brand which specialises in 3 specific brands, Dedon, Ego Paris and Fischer Möbel. These are exclusive to Leisure Plan and are the only company within the UK to stock all three brands and lines of furniture.

  1. Increase traffic to social media sites
  2. Improve brand awareness in time for the peak summer season
  3. Increase footfall into the Leisure Plan showroom

Leisure Plan is a perfect client to have for social media content as their products make for brilliant visual posts, and our team could make some excellent photoshop-based and animated content for their feeds. This was in our plan early on to help increase traffic to their pages.

Being a business that sells leisure based products such as sun loungers, relaxed seating and more; products that were made to be outside during the summer season. Starting with Leisure Plan in October was ideal as it gave us plenty of time to plan great content leading up to Spring and Summer, times of warmer weather where their products would be purchased more frequently.

As well as growing their online presence, they wanted to use this increased exposure to help increase footfall into their showroom. They have a large building located just outside of London near Stansted airport, making it an ideal location to visit from anywhere across the UK.

The daily content we create for their social pages has shown to be the key to massive success for them, as post engagements have increased by 131% and the engagement per posts sits at a solid 5% which is excellent considering the number of followers they have.

The post reach on their Facebook reached has increased 242%, which has been a solid catalyst in their increased sales, especially post-March as the weather has begun to improve.

Their Instagram page has been a critical success, rising from just shy of 25 followers to just under 2,000 in around six months. On top of this, the page received 1,672 profile visits in seven days at its most busy and even now continues to achieve over 1,000 visits per week.

We were given a concise overview of how they could help us with our social media prior to starting work with Web Windows and after signing up with them it was great that they took the time to really get to know us (including 2 on-site meetings). The team are social media ‘gurus’ and nothing is too much trouble. They have some amazing and quirky ideas that really work. I would not hesitate in recommending their services.

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