Oxford Charcoal

About Oxford Charcoal

Pure, organic, natural charcoal made from single or mix species. Sourced only from British woods, and available in different ‘flavours’. No fillers, no nasty chemicals or paraffin. Lights easily and quickly. Described by the client as “charcoal with soul!”

The Brief

The Solution

Oxford Charcoal is one of the UK’s leading Barbecue charcoal suppliers, so we had to make sure that their website was up to scratch by giving it a complete redesign to help improve the user experience and highlight each product with a better design.

Unlike other clients we have helped, Oxford Charcoal’s social media already had a fair amount of content with a good follower count across different pages. This made it easier for our social media team to create a plan of action for their pages and determine what content will work best on each platform.

We were tasked with managing their Google Ads account and creating a wide range of ads to help draw people to their website. This ranges from google searches to remarketing ads to shopping ads. We were given specific conversion rates and goals to work with, which made this a good challenge for the team.

The Results

The Oxford Charcoal e-commerce website now looks completely unrecognisable to its previous version. Navigation is more logical; each product is clear and has beautiful icons and info explaining various charcoal properties. We vastly improved the overall buying experience and integrated it into the clients cloud-based accounting software.

We’ve created distinctive social media content which is entirely different from what they were posting previously. We have taken a mix of images of charcoal bags, shots of the raw product and food being cooked over charcoal. Many of the posts use subtle humour as well as quotes to help underpin the Oxford Charcoal brand values.

The new Google Ads campaign underwent a complete overhaul. The Google Ads account we inherited was a confusing mess. The structure of the account desperately needed more clarity to provide us with insight into how future improvements could be made. New ads, new campaigns and daily keyword improvements increased conversions by 7%.  Removal of non-monetisable keywords led to a 52% increase in conversions in three months.

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