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Just go, Approved RV has a large range of ex-fleet/used Roller Team motorhomes for sale, including trusted models popular with families and couples alike. With our knowledgeable team of staff, we are here to help you find the perfect motorhome for you at surprisingly good value. All of our used motorhomes are less than 2 years old when we come to sell them.

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Web Windows has used Pea Cottage to showcase its online marketing skills across numerous disciplines.

About Pea Cottage

This luxury self-contained cottage near Stamford is described as a “dreamy nest for lovebirds looking for a romantic break.”

  1. Launch a holiday let. business using Web Windows design, writing, marketing and technical resources.
  2. Achieve a business goal of £150,000 of online sales in five years.
  3. Create a brand name and purchase a suitable domain name.
  4. Design a WordPress website with e-commerce functionality that synchronises with and Airbnb calendars.
  5. Devise pricing algorithms for late availability and seasonal peaks.
  6. Set-up social media accounts for Pea Cottage to promote competitions, gift vouchers and discount codes.
  7. Arrange for social media influencers to stay at Pea Cottage.
  8. Manage PPC campaigns.
  • Pea Cottage, a one-bedroom property owned by a Web Windows director, has been used for the last four years to train employees in every aspect of online marketing. It marked an important transition in the company’s development from an online media agency to a fully integrated digital marketing company.
  • The aim was to recoup the £150,000 investment in just five years purely through online sales. Four years on, the business is ahead of forecast and helped train web designers, content writers, marketing execs and technical staff.
  • Pea Cottage demonstrates to our clients that Web Windows is prepared to put our money where our mouth is, showing it has complete confidence in its marketing abilities.

According to Visit England, UK occupancy rates are around 64%. Pea Cottage’s occupancy rate is up at an impressive 87%.

Pea Cottage room rate is +79% higher than most other properties in the Stamford area.

Forward bookings are  up 18% year on year.

Pea Cottage PPC campaigns are running at an 800% ROI

Pea Cottage has been a win/win for Web Windows. It allows us to demonstrate the company's skills as online marketers as well as creating a high earning business for the future.
Web Windows knows how to make money from the web.

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