SM Cricket

About SM Cricket

Pure, organic, natural charcoal made from single or mix species. Sourced only from British woods, and available in different ‘flavours’. No fillers, no nasty chemicals or paraffin. Lights easily and quickly. Described by the client as “charcoal with soul!”

The Brief

The Solution

The Results

The first month we achieved 66.8k impressions on Twitter, and have been able to keep the number of impressions above 40k a month since. This shows that our content is getting out on a large scale, and the engagement stats were also healthy too.

Following this, the SM Instagram account received over 6,800 impressions within the first two weeks of our posts. This daily content resonated with the followers already with the page, and it has since grown to over 1,700 followers, up by nearly 1,000 since we took over.

Showing that our content was not just striking visually but engaging for anyone viewing, the engagement went up by 126% on Instagram with some posts hitting over 300 likes within days of being uploaded.

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