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Just go, Approved RV has a large range of ex-fleet/used Roller Team motorhomes for sale, including trusted models popular with families and couples alike. With our knowledgeable team of staff, we are here to help you find the perfect motorhome for you at surprisingly good value. All of our used motorhomes are less than 2 years old when we come to sell them.

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Web Windows redesigned the Sniff & Spit website and continue to create social media content and ads.

About Sniff & Spit

Sniff & Spit organises fun-filled drinks tasting events. The company was set up in 2005 by drinks expert Rebecca Dunphy. Rebecca is passionate about the drinks industry and her knowledge is second to none.

  1. WordPress Web Development
  2. Social Media Management
  3. Content Creation
  4. Social Media Advertising
  5. Influencer Management
  • Our first task was to completely overhaul the Sniff & Spit online presence, starting with the relaunch of the website. This was implemented to help improve the user experience, give it a fresh touch of design and keep the website up-to-date with new information, events and more.
  • After we read the completed discovery questionnaire, it became clear the company did not have much of a social media presence. We created an Instagram account and revived their Facebook page. Since then, Web Windows has kept these updated with posts every day.
  • Many of Sniff & Spit’s events are based in London so we put our focus on maximising the revenue by using varying methods of Geo-targeting and Social posts.

The website design has improved immensely since our team has overhauled it, and this has helped lead the charge for increased enquiries through calls and forms.

In addition to the website makeover, our control means that we can add fresh content on a much more regular basis, as our team of designers and content creators are always on hand to curate and share something to the site.

The social media pages have done very well since being set up, with engagement through Instagram and Facebook up 72%. The Instagram page was taken over in late November and has grown organically to over 400 followers, with a high engagement rate per post.

I've been working with Web Windows Marketing now for over 6 months. They have created a wonderful new website for me and I've literally handed over my Instagram to them. The transition has been very smooth and all the staff have been absolute joy to work with, really professional, lots of good ideas, creativity and technological know-how. Tom approached my business by email and a cold call. We met face to face and I took a punt. It certainly has been a really positive decision for me. Tom has an expert team behind him and most importantly using their services has freed me up to grow my business and as well as have more time for family. Highly recommended. Sniff & Spit

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