Steam Dreams

About Steam Dreams

Steam Dreams Rail Co. provides luxury steam train travel all over the UK. They have been delighting customers for over 20 years. Since its inception in 1999, Steam Dreams Rail Co has gone from strength to strength and now welcomes over 19,000 passengers on board each year on over 50 trips and stop at 100 stations across the United Kingdom.

The Brief

The Solution

Steam Dreams is a fantastic client to have and one we are proud to work with. They have amazing content for social media content as their products make for brilliant visual posts. They allow our team to create amazing photo based and animated content for their feeds. This was in our plan early on to help increase traffic to their pages.

We developed a new bank of hashtags to allow their posts to content to be open to a wider audience. Being a business that sells an experience it is important that the feed tells a story. It’s essential that the feeds provide a sense of the quality of the Steam Dreams proposition as well as a desire to the right audience.

In their quest to improve their online presence we complete a PPC audit. During this process we have put down on Keywords ensuring that money is not being wasted on irrelevant phrases and maximising on those that convert.

The Results

The daily content we create for their social pages has been a massive success. When we took over their Social Media Facebook followers were at 7,345 this increased to 10,697 within 4 months, this also increased their page engagement rate which is up 18% year on year. Another success is the total reach of the page per month which sits at 365,000 impressions per month, up 124% year on year.

Instagram is also proving to be a real success, rising from just shy of 1300 followers to just over 2,000 in around 4 months. On top of this, the page receives on average 850 profile visits in seven days – up 310% year on year.

Finally, we have seen a huge improvement in PPC. Conversions have improved dramatically and we are spending more money on high conversion keywords which means much less wastage and most importantly, a happy client!

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